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Although it is possible to act as a building official, by providing minimal levels of service, it is systemically more costly to do less.

MNSPECT Lines of Business2021-11-22T19:19:29-06:00

If you are looking for a code expert to:

  • Assist you with plan reviews
  • Assist you with inspections
  • Act as your Department of Building Safety
  • Consult with you
  • Perform property inspections
MNSPECT Standards of Service2017-06-07T19:14:42-05:00

We have specific standards  – defined and identified.

  • Plan review checklists
  • Plan review turn-around times
  • Inspection checklists
  • Inspection timelines
  • Courteous staff on the phones
  • Courteous field inspectors
MNSPECT Transparency2017-06-07T19:12:43-05:00

Transparency is key to understanding regulatory processes.

We strive to ensure that valuation + fee calculations, submittal requirements, plan review status, inspection results, and other public elements of the permitting process are transparent and understood.

MNSPECT Educational Philosophy2017-06-07T19:10:39-05:00

We believe education those that use or are regulated by the code is essential to mutual success.

The code is often mysterious or unknown.  We believe that helping to educate homeowners, contractors and design professionals about the specifics of the code’s requirements, and, where possible, the reason those requirements exist – helps everyone succeed in the long run.

MNSPECT Integrity2017-06-07T19:06:45-05:00

The quality of honesty and having strong moral principles.  We strive to treat everyone equally.  Our plan reviews and inspection procedures are documented with checklists, to ensure that we do our job consistently, thoroughly and completely.

The code is a minimum standard.  We are obligated to enforce the code. However, we do not have the authority to exceed the minimum requirements of the MN state building code.

What is the benefit of my community working with MNSPECT?2017-06-04T20:43:19-05:00

MNSPECT’s highly qualified, certified and experience staff serves as the ‘Quality Control’ for building activity as a communities’ Building Official.

MNSPECT provides superior service to home owners, building owners, contractors and municipality officials that result in safer, stronger communities that can be confident in their building activity.

MNSPECT provides cost effective services and solutions that result in high quality services for communities, residents and contractors, with a positive impact on community budgets.

Who is MNSPECT?2017-06-04T20:42:41-05:00

MNSPECT provides Designated Building Official/Department of Building Safety Services for Minnesota communities.  We work with home and building owners, contractors and local officials to help assure safe, quality building results benefitting the entire community.

MNSPECT provides Permit Application, Plan Review, Permitting, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement and Education and Activity Reporting – and more – for the communities we serve.

MNSPECT’s highly qualified, certified and experience staff serves as the ‘Quality Control’ for building activity as a communities’ Building Official.

MNSPECT has been providing Building Official services since 1987 serving more than 30 Minnesota communities, issuing permits, conducting plan reviews and conducting inspections to insure the Minnesota Building Code and local ordinances are met.

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