Rental Inspections

MNSPECT, acting as your Rental Housing Inspector, is experienced in administering and inspecting for Rental Housing Inspection Programs (RHIP).

MNSPECT, as your Rental Housing Inspector:

  • Will render enforcement and administration of Municipality’s Rental Housing Inspection Program.
  • Inspector will perform all on-site inspections for Rental Housing ordinance enforcement.
  • Will represent Municipality as its Rental Inspector.
  • Assist in Rental Housing Ordinance prosecutions.
  • Investigate rental complaints as requested by Municipality.

Purpose of a Rental Ordinance:

  • Ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of the community are protected.
  • Help landlords maintain their property and properly correct any deficiencies that may exist.
  • Help prevent neighborhood blight that can result from lack of care.
  • Ensure that minimum housing standards for renters are met.
  • The rental license inspection process is meant to protect both the property owner and the tenant.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT professionals bring the highest level of quality service to your Department.
  • MNSPECT absorbs staffing requirements to administer a RHIP.
  • MNSPECT saves on local government budgets by eliminating hiring and turnover costs.

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