Designated Building Official

MNSPECT inspectors are Minnesota Certified Building Officials.  When appointed as your Designated Building Official, our staff acts as your Department of Building Safety and will duplicate the full range of services normally provided by full-time, in-house staff, all at a savings to local government budgets.

In the event of an unexpected Building Official vacancy, MNSPECT can act as your Interim Building Official (BO), assures seamless provision of a BO, as required by the State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.

How does MNSPECT save organizations money?  A staff person on your payroll commands all of the perks that go along with government employment, including vehicles, health care insurance, and Public Employees’ Retirement (PERA). Our company will absorb the cost of that person during seasonal and market downturns, so tax payers are not paying for idle workers.  There is a dynamic relationship between permit fees and the cost of our service, so there is no financial burden on the General Fund Budget.

MNSPECT, acting as your Building Official….

  • Becomes an extension of your community and serves as a community partner.
  • Provides Comprehensive Plan Review by professional plans examiners, both residential and commercial. Code deficiencies identified at plan review, before lumber has been cut or concrete poured, saves time in the construction process and saves money for both property owners and contractors.
  • Does building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical inspections for all types of projects, whether residential, commercial, or state licensed facilities.
  • Has special delegation authority for plan review and inspection of State licensed facilities.
  • Has special delegation authority for plumbing plan review for public and commercial plumbing inspections, in lieu of the State.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT professionals bring the highest level of quality service to your Department of Building Safety.
  • MNSPECT provides continuity for residents and municipal staff.
  • MNSPECT provides institutional knowledge by providing superior access to project and property details utilizing state-of-the-art software for recordkeeping.
  • MNSPECT enforces the MN State Building Code, helping to assure that a community’s housing stock will be safe, durable, and efficient for decades to come..
  • MNSPECT absorbs staffing concerns brought on by seasonal and economic cycles.
  • MNSPECT saves on local government budgets by eliminating hiring and turnover costs.
  • MNSPECT saves contractors and homeowners time and money.
  • MNSPECT delegation authority speeds turn-around time, saving contractors’ valuable time.

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