Sediment and Erosion Control (S.E.C.)

MNSPECT inspectors, specially educated in sediment and erosion control, protect Minnesota waters by ensuring best management practices are deployed to keep sediment in place and prevent erosion from leaving the worksite.  Our professionals work with contractors and property owners to guard against site runoff that can contaminate lakes, rivers, and streams, as well as impair, clog, or contaminate storm water systems.  This service option is a complement to the Building Inspections function MNSPECT provides to the Townships, Cities, and Counties we serve.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT inspection professionals are specially trained in sediment and erosion control.
  • MNSPECT inspection professionals are equipped to promote best management practices.
  • MNSPECT inspectors work to keep sediment on site and avoid polluting MN waters.

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