Fire Safety Inspections

MNSPECT fire inspections professionals are well-versed experts in the area of fire safety and are available to act as your Fire Inspector. Fire inspections are performed to assess and mitigate potential fire- and life-safety hazards in multi-family housing, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The process for fire inspections is generally prescribed the MN State Fire Codes, standards, and ordinances within a jurisdiction. At the start, each unit (housing, commercial and industrial) is categorized according to its level of risk and a schedule of inspection cycles is established in conjunction with your Fire Chief.

Owners and/or occupants are provided a written report of necessary corrections and inspectors work with building/business owners to attain compliance.

Annual fire safety inspections ensure ongoing compliance with the MN State Fire Code.

Fire-safety inspections offer…

  • A safer working/living environment for employees/residents.
  • A safer building for occupants (visitors, shoppers, clients, etc).
  • Business and job security. Up to 80% of all small businesses experiencing fire never reopen.
  • A better-maintained building for improved resale value.
  • A possible reduction in insurance premiums. Many insurance carriers give business premium reductions for properly installed and maintained fire-protection systems.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT fire safety professionals act as the fire marshal for small jurisdictions.
  • MNSPECT fire safety representatives are an extension of your community.
  • MNSPECT fire safety professionals are your partner in building safety.
  • MNSPECT fire safety inspectors work with building/business owners and help attain compliance.
  • MNSPECT fire safety professionals do periodic fire safety inspections to verify ongoing compliance with the fire code, ensuring safe community buildings.

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