Code Consultation

MNSPECT experienced professionals are well-versed experts in their disciplines and are available for building code and fire code consultation. As Minnesota Certified Building Officials, we work with contractors to develop creative, cod-compliant solutions to meet the intent of the code.  Our staff’s extensive knowledge of the national, state, and local building and fire codes makes them your information source.


  • Advise you on code disagreements;
  • Assist you with Building Department interpretation that might exceed the minimum requirements of the code;
  • Help design professionals with creative solutions to code challenges; and
  • Represent your interests in court.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT may advocate independently for contractors or home owners.
  • MNSPECT saves designers and contractors $$$ by offering independent advice and cost- effective solutions.
  • MNSPECT advice ensures quality construction.

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