Electrical Inspections

MNSPECT’s State Certified Electrical Inspector is specially trained to examine electrical systems in new and pre-existing buildings.  The Electrical Inspector’s role is to ensure the system is in compliance with the State Electrical Code.   We provide plan review and field inspection for residential and commercial structures and are available for client projects or on a private consulting basis.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT professionals bring the highest level of quality service to your Department.
  • MNSPECT absorbs staffing concerns brought on by seasonal and economic cycles.
  • MNSPECT saves on local government budgets by eliminating hiring and turnover costs.
  • MNSPECT ensures customer service levels, placing local governments in the most positive light with contractors and home owners.

Contact us at 952-442-7520 or info@mnspect.com

Related reading: https://www.dli.mn.gov/business/electrical-contractors/electrical-codes-and-standards

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