Electronic Plan Review

MNSPECT inspectors are Minnesota Certified Building Officials (LBO & CBO).  Our professional staff will supplement your Department by providing residential and commercial plan review services.  MNSPECT’s expert plans examiners will review and return plans with mark-ups to ensure effective communication to contractors about code deficiencies.  Supplementing with MNSPECT plans examiners on an as-needed, seasonal or year-round basis, ensures customer service levels are maintained and results in savings to local government budgets.

  • MNSPECT backing up your Department with remote plan review done by our plan examiners saves your building inspectors for field activities.
  • MNSPECT Comprehensive Plan Review by our professional plans examiners catches deficiencies while on paper, saving time and money in the field.
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The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT professionals bring the highest level of quality service to your Department.
  • MNSPECT absorbs staffing concerns brought on by seasonal and economic cycles.
  • MNSPECT saves on local government budgets by eliminating hiring and turnover costs.
  • MNSPECT ensures customer service levels, placing local governments in the most positive light with contractors and home owners.

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