Back-Up Services – Plan Review & Field Inspections

MNSPECT inspectors are all Minnesota Certified Building Officials (LBO & CBO).  Our professional staff will supplement your Department when you are short-handed.  With the conversion of our plans examination department to Electronic Plan Review, using 60″ UHD monitors, Blue Beam software, and HP scanner/plotter, MNSPECT can be your “back office” plans examiner for overflow projects, or when you can’t fill a needed position on your team.  Keep your employees local and in the field, and let us perform your comprehensive plan review.  We use checklists for plan review to make sure all the important items have been checked, including both structural and nonstructural items.

An additional service we provide is wall bracing evaluation to ensure the submittals you receive are in compliance with the complexities of Chapter 602.  Supplementing with MNSPECT staff on a seasonal or year-round basis ensures customer service levels are maintained and results in a savings to local government budgets. A contract on file will assure seamless customer service in the case of medical or vacation leaves or other vacancies.

  • MNSPECT backing up your Department with plan examiners saves your building inspectors for local field activities.
  • MNSPECT backing up your Department with field inspectors covers both expected and unexpected staffing needs, weather demands (hail storms), and project coverage (large commercial project or new development) that exceed your current capacity.
  • MNSPECT can supplement with both—plans examiners and field inspectors.
  • MNSPECT also performs wall bracing design review for building inspection departments lacking time or expertise to complete this complex review in-house.

The MNSPECT Advantage

  • MNSPECT professionals bring the highest level of quality service to your Department.
  • MNSPECT ensures quality construction, equating to safe community buildings.
  • MNSPECT absorbs staffing concerns brought on by seasonal and economic cycles.
  • MNSPECT saves on local government budgets by eliminating hiring and turnover costs.
  • MNSPECT ensures customer service levels, placing local governments in the most positive light with contractors and home owners.

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